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2015-11-16 16:48:52 (UTC)

Major Events

There have been 2 major events in my life that has shaped me.

My second child was born with Downs Syndrome – before this, I always use to look at life in absolute terms. Success was defined in absolute terms. You have to achieve certain things to think you are successful. You have to have done specific things in life. I judged everybody the same way. If you don’t meet this barometer I think of you (as well as me) as a failure. When my child was born as I fathered him I realised that success and milestones are relative. Simply knowing how to walk properly took years for my second son. When he achieved that milestone we were all very happy. His milestones may seemingly look less mundane but they require the same efforts and are as challenging relative to our own milestones.

My divorce has taught me a lot of things but the biggest thing I have learnt is that I have only 1 primary asset. It is my biggest asset and no one can take it away from me. That is my brain, so I wrap it up in cotton wool, invest in it and nurture it. I am so confident now, I believe I can achieve anything. I am not scared of new grounds or breaking out. I just ensure I plan and use my brain – I equip it. The clarity of thought I have now even amazes me. Before I was happy to not understand many things and sit in my comfort zone (especially concerning career matters). Now I learn about everything (nothing can be too complicated). I embrace my mathematics and I am not scared of it. If you are not scared of understanding mathematics you can’t be sacred of any logical or analytical conundrum.

All these is through my Lord – Jesus Christ. He supports me, shields me and goes ahead of me. I am far from perfect but I love him and he dwells in me.

I want to immerse my children in him. I will pray from them without cease.