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2015-11-16 16:48:52 (UTC)


I am a bit confused.

There are only 24 hours in a day.

I go to work from about 8am – 8pm (including travel).

The only time I have to read is if I wake up in the middle of the night to read for a few hours. The week I am on late support is fine as I don’t have to get to work before 10:30am but the weeks I am on early support is a bit more tricky as I have to be at work by 7:30 and morning support is quite stressful and demanding so I need to have had a good night sleep.

Now to be able to pass my MSc (in mathematics – exams in May 2016) I need to read regularly – as there is a lot to cover. The problem is that I also need to brush up my skills to get a new job I need. I am reading all the business knowledge stuff in the train during my travel so that is fine but the technical (programming language stuff) I need to really study hard for that one as it is all about how to solve problems using new programming language and paradigm so there is no escaping grafting and putting the hours in.

Do I abandon reading for my MSc now (and suffer for it later) by studying these new programming language to increase my chances of getting a new job or do I concentrate on my MSc study. The reason why I favour my MSc study is after my MSc exams in may I plan to go for classes and do BA (Business Administration) certification. This will then allow me to apply for BA jobs which pay better and the jobs are much more available than my current role. So why the need to sacrifice for a new job that I will only possible do for less than a year before I start working as a BA. I think I can still get a job with my current skill that can pay well and stretch until I retrain myself as a BA hence my preferred option to read my mathematics.