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2015-11-19 08:45:32 (UTC)

Bad aniexty / I need company

Wow? I'm tired being jabbing from my pasted I really am. I explain to my close friends what i feel bout my neighbor everybody totally agrees. What I feel inside. I gave 'em the good run down and sense the same thing.I spoke his sister bout what has been so uncomfortable for me so many days.She says hes doing good so far at his new university am very Happy for him. I just read my girl "E" email she used to be on here, didnt like it so much. We hella close as friends could be.... She told her outtake on what Id told her yesterday.
So had texted him at 1:07pm on the ride home, he didnt text me until 4:08pm didnt reply back until 30 mins before 5pm.
Finally got some work done watched "Forrest Gump" for my communication class. (will update on the progress)
Around 8:06pm wasnt good time to be missed with cause trying study for my exam. She doesnt care bout my feels anyway.
Do you realized how time goes fasted? I do. She thinks am still in fantasy by the shows and books I read. I know the reality of our atmosphere she treats me so bad.
I woke up today at 3:06am, I honestly dont know why? thou... I think cause I go to the bathroom, but I am not So so sure.I woke again around 4:30a to start my day off well trying to before 3rd exam.. Me and him spoke a few minutes go it felt so good, He gets so well its unbearable its so true and real.Like had said love talking older guys... Hes my man hehe!!, Am still horny cause am in love with our friendship is so Strong.He told he woke up at 2:45 am where he is as well.We both couldnt sleep am so assuming.We talk always.
New word "persistent"- continuing to exist or endure over a prolonged period
More songs playing in my heads
Snakehips - All My Friends ft. Tinashe, Chance The Rapper
Alessia Cara - River Of Tears
Justin Bieber - Company