always wth love

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2015-11-18 09:00:42 (UTC)

dont believe how fast happeniess vanished away

I was woken up last night I cant remember for what thou??? I was so uncomfortable I really remember the light was in my eyes. Last night it was tense in the house She blames what something I haven't done kinda pleased how she just Drop the conflict, I didnt need her bullshit bout' her son took care of for me.He's has my back "sometimes"....She doesnt get Still so am hiding my real ME. Then I woke up at 3-4am in the morning...still dont why this happening again... Before they had left the house my brother' mom asking why i havent texted him theres so many reasons but she doesnt get why we Wont fit...She loves bring up what Ive caused like it nothing , it doesnt affected Me it does.So am gonna have to make first move I honestly dont want to but gonna have to be. She says: Am not forcing you but youre fuckin lair bout' this one. You text strangers and get you get guys killing us so why cant you just TALK to our neighbor.She makes feel so weak inside.
I almost lost my key to my house, I couldnt find anywhere in my backpack, lucky eventually found it. I wouldnt hear the end of this convo at all. I'm just very grateful I found it!. Well the ride here was so odd and very uncomfortable for me an old couple talking trash whats going in Paris and current president.I could tell they were republic in away.I sat on the bus in silence on the way to campus...
He isnt on right now? I kinda wish he was on cause I really need talk to him....