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2015-11-17 09:47:18 (UTC)

shattered quickly

I woke up at 2:12am,I don't know if its the cold air in my house but I was freezing cold. Honestly couldn't sleep I wasnt happy at all.So tired go back to sleep and get warm for an hour or so, thats when i woke up three more time at 4am then finally got up to warm my body.
Last night was so upset cause Id alot on my mind Not just him but my college progress, Am pissed at how blew off! At one my member i felt bad but id go couldn't wait for the respond I know I was rude but Id go....

Here's what I gotta get do:
Peer Reviews and Personal Reflections: 11/23 & Day of the final
Group Presentation Layout (one to represent entire group): 12/2
Group Presentations: 12/7 & 12/9 (will be assigned shortly)
This only for communication class

My brother's mom is bugging about the negbor again am tired I don't want talk to him why cant she see that??? She sense I was exhausted and honestly I was.I was hurt and pissed what had happened yesterday and I couldnt fix it cause they came early to pick me up I wasn't happy.I took and ran. There's new conflict (I wont explain cause its just BS).
So got my class am all set for spring.
Pray that i will do alright on my third exam in math ON Thurs.
*More NEW Songs*
Chris Brown - Back To Sleep
Justin Bieber - No Sense (feat. Travis Scott) (Purpose)
Well update again later