always wth love

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2015-11-16 11:45:58 (UTC)

Am Scared

Alright, it almost time leave class starts its in 10 mins
Am mad at the computer connection, I was talking to him the connection was acting dumb as hell.
Am so pissed we didnt have good send off am it doesnt feel so great.
I feel so hurt. I hope hes isnt mad at me? Am in love wth him...
A min now but i gotta write this out sorry gonna be late.
We gotta speak face to face me and her, am fallin in love wth her once more twice and fourth attracted to her still? Pray for a miracle just in case i do something stupid.
So what should i do please NOT now it wasnt my fault what just happened in seconds i just hope he isnt angry at me am scared? I dont want be alone wth him or her.Am scared...

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