always wth love

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2015-11-16 09:41:27 (UTC)


I woke up but I woke up with a song playing in my head its the latest song from actresssinger I Don't Belong To You" Keke Palmer.
I still dont know why thou?? Am scared its not my anxiety thou.Well I know why id felt sick my period came on Saturday at six something in the morning. I finally went to the movies to see "The Scorch Trials" I've seen with my cousin late evening at 3:20pm, it was a great movie....
The worsted Friday left me in this weirdest spot, I dont want say aloud...But before that I saw one sister Gaby, we talked until my bus came she so amazing. Id watched on DVR Empire, How to get away with Murder & 2 Broke Girl$. So my brother's mom is putting this difficult spot she wants me to spend some time wth stalker a.k.a Neighbor...Am like WTF! something isn't right? So not gonna push myself to do so sorry but not sorry....
Am not that same naive girl anymore am not that person cant you see that?
Checking emails messages
first the guy I've fallen in head over heels for he left a message it felt good to read. Made me forget how my weekend was without him. I kept looking at my clock and thought of him.
Next message was wth girl name "E", hahaha! you thought I was going give you the whole name no way.
Well thats all, I gotta go cause hw time before class.

New Song
Justin Bieber - The Feeling feat. Halsey
See you soon
Oh yeah, I have only an week an half to sell the phone...Still no luck!:( I hope I can get rid of it soon enough.
Owl tattoo