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2015-11-09 21:57:28 (UTC)

New week

Weekend was ok.

I was able to read half of my target but the proper reading starts today. I want to immerse myself in my Msc study. I have made a conscious decision not to pursue studying a new programming language which may hinder my job application as I plan to change jobs in Feb 2016. After my Msc exams in May I plan to get my BA (Business Administration) certification and start working as a BA. In effect I am hoping to stretch my current knowledge until end of my next 6 months contract starting from Feb 16. I just hope I can get a reasonable pay rise either in my current job or in a different place.

I still have the big tax burden hanging over my head. It is an issue.

I hope to call my mortgage provider today and speak to them about suspending payment until the court resolves the issue of financial order (relief0 divorce case. I hope they buy it.

I want to work hard for the next 2 weeks before I travel to Dubai for a deserved break (friends birthday party).

I went for a birthday party on Friday and it was a bit of a disaster. I didn’t make the right decisions and it cost me. I need to be more assertive in things I do.