always wth love

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2015-11-13 10:02:26 (UTC)

secrets? vs where did I go?

dear dairy......
I woke up at 3:50-4am, something in the morning.I woke up feel kinda of nausea again a long time, somehow i wasnt soo scared bout it, its because am in "secret love" I cant wait to travel to you, and finally be really real then just in our hearts & minds.
Everyday i wish was there specially now? I don't want be anywhere but there wth you in youre embrace.Even thou possible isnt so possible, we are into something that doesnt fit well we keep it hidden.We honestly cant stop where and how long this feels colliding so quickly its ours forever...
So Id checked my emails I've got soo much but only 3 matter to me. One church gurl message back on fb. Two a friend that we talked for hours my messages back and forth. Three project for communication class, well its hella lot to do.Okay???

I message her am kinda mad her still? she asked if I got hella did Id.But shes not getting me, so am waiting for her explain to me.If we are so over cause if we are am going be okay, cause i cant handle this...

Wish me luck on nothing goes wrong later today, cause Ive to register for spring class later today.Oppps....Id just checked if register today they probably changed it still same time however different day this Monday at 3:30pm

Songs I've heard on the radio
August Alsina - Hip Hop
Justin Biebier - Sorry
Selena Gomez - Same Old Love