A lady in the crowd
2015-11-13 02:41:28 (UTC)

Emotional Wreck.

Call me a Sociopath, but sometimes there are moments where I lack empathy. Especially when it comes to certain subjects or people. I don't fancy the norms from the dull and plain. Being brutally honest, as a writer there are thousands of details I can't remember. It's literally impossible to care about the whole World. I can't give a second thought to each face I've encountered, every breathing organism, and tiny insect I've stumbled across on a humid afternoon. My memory decays and like an elderly with Alzheimer's, dozens of insignificant details blur into a forgotten past.

As for other moments I breath in passion, love, and various emotions that I feel all at once. I bleed emotions that revive vivid memories that both lift me up and knock me down. I'm an emotional wreck who's feelings rise above the ground like a sprout of weeds. My feelings are messy and I hardly ever mention them to anyone. I've been told by my family that only weak woman are emotional wrecks. Yet I've met men who pretend to be strong when in reality they're more emotionally scarred than myself.

Does expressing my feelings really mean that I'm not "Army Strong"?

~Yours Truly,