always wth love

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2015-11-12 13:15:36 (UTC)

Don't how far can I trust

Don't how far can I trust her,
She texts me in class at 11:11a, knowing i couldnt say anything?? Just pissed me off so much more.
Now i gotta tell the stalker neighbor shes not coming? i might text the stalker is way better for me.
Did my extra credit for math, i surely need it so much.
I was nervous but I did it! My professor went over the homework i didnt understand thanks to her wouldve gotten all wrong.
So saw sexy-eye girl today she looking amazing as a Queen, she was wearing glasses she told just found its bout' 2 years they look "prefect"....
NO math homework yay! but extra credit yes, I will start on tonight, tomorrow i will be back on here
Posting my brains off!
People that dont know bout me?
I like guys that are older me dont know why? but,I think its genetics. Its something that they can say is very good bout that, I dont have be an ass bout it. I've only meet about 2 people who make me feel that way...
Coming on tonight
New season 2 Broke Girl$