always wth love

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2015-11-10 11:09:24 (UTC)

time zones

At 4:24a I woke up for just a Tuesday where i go to college.
I saw her after i was out of class talking bout' presentation project and well be meetin up again next Monday.
I saw one of the sisters yesterday on Monday first of all it was so different.Its cold where am in this atmosphere, She sexier than her sister but however she has a bf.Shit!, we talk in the freezing air it was so cloudy, well I met again this Friday cause I like talking to her.
Time is big in our lives it truly is completely leisure isn't timed in our lives as we like.
Took another hot shower to warm my body so I wont be cold at last night....I might have a buyer wish me luck? Found out, today?...

Just got really streamy in just in two hrs, before i haave to go class, With the guy Ive been friends over the years its getting
After BA
travel and visit a special friend.....