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2015-11-09 09:57:35 (UTC)

fading in shadows

Hi someone came by last night in my dreams, Idk?? if my headaches but it felt like heavy so I've woke up at 4:27a
Well Friday night was bust, nothing came "clear in my eyes" you know I was being so distracted, cause my neighbor was overlooking what my plans going be in next years to come.
Am being ignored by her every time its close time i have to be back home,I feel like am fading from her.So this weekend was calm a but where I live has got very bad now days, Am also up into the night it doesnt bother me cause am night owl Queen.
So am pulling away somehow it feels a like the same old game.
I just found out this morning my brother's mom wont be home on this Friday so ive to be on time cause they cant be alone.
I wont be on here on this Wednesday thats only to honor the Veterans that have done soo much for us and am being thinking a lot of sex and simply booze.

Binge shows
2 Broke girls
Dash Dolls
What I do in classes its amine shows bout girls kissing.

Tinashe Checks In