A lady in the crowd
2015-11-09 02:22:59 (UTC)

Everywhere At Once.

My obnoxious alarm woke me up from my deep sleep. As much as I didn't want to, I knew I had to wake up. My bare feet touched the cold ground as I cringed at the thought of being awake at 5 AM on a Saturday morning. I changed into my workout gear, packed a small breakfast and lunch inside my handbag, and burst out running through my front door.

Coach Rojas drove us to Sun Beam lake to run the IVL course. Cross country is coming to an end and every runner aims to surpass their personal record from the season. Coach Rojas drove us back to Calexico and he left me in front of the High School. I have rehearsals for the Theater Company, because I wrote a playwright called "Outcast Beneath the Scarf". I saw myself as a writer and poet for theater. Despite not being able to view myself as an actress, I find myself double casting the main role in my play. After hours of tiring rehearsals I've memorized the entire script!

After rehearsals were over, my friend Ricardo drove me to IVC. This is a special invitation from Upward Bound and I felt joyous to see friends I met at USCD's residential program. I hardly see them since they're scattered in cities all throughout the Imperial Valley. I had a fun time catching up with Alyssa, Grace, Abigail, Louis, Victor, Gabriela, and Andrew. I also met a few who are new to the program. We went to the computer lab to apply for scholarships. Then Rosie, the representative of Upward Bound, spoke about an invitation to Los Angeles. We would be visiting UCLA's campus, a holocaust Museam, and Disney Land's Resort! The plan would be to leave Friday night and come back by Sunday.

It seems like everything's closing in on me. My plans are all clustering up together on one weekend. Saturday is the final weekend of cross country practice, theater club rehearsals, and a sleepover with an old friend. If only I could clone myself in order to be at two places at once. I'll have to think about it.

Then the school vans drove us to the police department in down town Calexico; and I decided to accept Shankar's invitation to hangout. Shankar and I went out to eat dinner at Jack in the Box, we talked about our love lives, and he drove me home. The clock read 10 PM and I was finally home.

~Yours Truly,