Story of a Girl
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2015-11-07 15:49:37 (UTC)

Not again

Deal is, my dad had me stay with my mom for the week. And supposedly, I'm supposed to be staying with her like things used to be. I'm not even going to complain.

My mom picked me up earlier today and things were just fine. She was calm, and rational, and it felt like it would be a good day.

YEAH, WELL, SOMETIMES I'M "TOO OPTIMISTIC". Maybe this is why I'm such a negative person.

So, my uncle bought her husband's car back in July when her brother came on a family vacation here. He couldn't take the care with him, so he told us he'd come by soon to pick it up. Un(fortunately), some work came up and he wasn't able to come by until about two weeks ago, when he came by himself. He spent a few days working with my mom's husband, and recently, he went back to Mexico with the husband. Why my mom's husband went, I'll never know. But basically, they're both in Mexico now. SOOOOOOO, I've been "eavesdropping" (it's not eavesdropping if I can hear her from the room next door, right?) complaining to her Padrino about money she sent him. Just a few minutes ago, she got a call from her husband. "What do I want? I want you to explain what you did with the money I sent you. You were supposed to use that money for food!" He basically spent that money on something besides his bus ticket AND food. And knowing him, he probably spent it on beer and something stupid.

And at the end of the call, she said, "Listen, I'm not going to argue with you. But just know, you might as well find a way to get to El Salvador because that's where they're going to send you back to you fucking dog, go rot in fucking hell." And that was the end of the call. Just now, she called the bus company to see if his bus had already left.

Listen, mom, I just got here. I don't even want to be at your house but I'm being forced to stay here. You fighting with your husband is a huge, major, problem. It's one of the reasons why I DON'T enjoy living in your house. If he comes back, I don't want to be calling the police. I don't want to hear any screaming, and I don't want to see any hitting. Remember the last time you gyys fought? He was CHOKING YOU AND YOU ALMOST FUCKING DIED. Yet, you still refuse to divorce him? Especially now with a baby on the way, right?

And as for the husband, he's SO FUCKING STUPID, OH MY GOD. And a huge hypocrite. "Don't upset your mother, you know how she is." OH, BUT YOU CAN SURE AS HELL RUN OFF AT MIDNIGHT AND NOT EXPECT HER TO GET MAD, RIGHT? Several years into this marriage and he still hasn't learned a thing. If she gives you money, you SPEND IT ON THE NECESSITIES. God damn, why is it so hard to follow instructions? Why is he so stupid? Why does he keep making the same mistakes and expect her to be completely okay with it?


are they


getting a


Like I've said sooooo many fucking times before, we were better off before she married him.

The only thing he's done for us is cause issues in this house. He was supposed to help us with papers but they might as well divorce.

I'm terrified of him coming back.

Actually, I'm eating right now and there's a "legal aid" packet on the table. One of the bullet points says "police report". I'm gonna look at the paper when my mom isn't in the room so I can confirm my current suspicion. I want this man OUT.

I think my mom might be crying. Sometimes I feel bad for her. She doesn't have a lot of family here in the States, she's got kids to worry about, and a useless husband who seriously needs to get off his ass and get help.

Life's not good for her.

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