Jack's Twisted Kingdom
2015-11-07 03:07:43 (UTC)

November, Rains, Pours



I got into a car accident in August, sideswiped by a Semi in my Jetta, which got written off. I replaced that with a scooter and a peice of shit Honda. Seems as though my luck with vehicles as hit and miss hasn't diminished.

I'm living in a house with several people, a french girl, a mexican girl, a chinese montrealer, a couple from australia and my best friend and his wife. It's a really great house, hardly any drama, which is kind of rare. I mean, I have my own drama, I seem to be my own worst enemy. That said, things are looking up.

I had a date with a German girl last week, it went no where, then I had a date with a Korean girl, we made out a little during a walk along the seawall, but, it was abrupt, and I couldn't help thinking I was with the wrong girl. That still happens. still single, girl I want doesn't want me, the girl that wants me I don't want. story of my life. My ex managed to skirt entering into my life again, not sure how, but she slid up alongside of my friends and we now have entered that dance of "avoid, avoid, avoid", to which I'm thankful for.

I'm not working, but I am waking up at 7am every day lately, which is weird. kind of nice also.

I can't complain about, much of, anything really. I'd like to, but, I just can't.