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2015-11-06 10:59:20 (UTC)

Decisions on a Friday

A rush of emotions begin again with the people I know for so long.
So last night i walked in the dark to ask my neighbor to see if he wanted to come and well Yes indeed. Id walked with no shoes on my feet but just socks and my bra was slipping off my body i felt sexy in the dark.

Same question from my brother mom had asked a billion questions. Somehow id made simple lie to cover whats been going on for years.

I couldnt sleep last night had alot on my mind didnt fall sleep until 10p then my brother mama woke me up then went back sleep.
I woke up at 4:27a just 3 mins before get ready for friday night out...
Am nervous bout today cause alot has changed among us.
Okay done the ad for the phone I hope hear something very soon.

Friendship are really real, the guy is older then me but hes most respectful man then id interacted with in a while, am bushing the dudes lately you cant find them around....

I might see my old crush and ask him out tonite, well update you guys maybe on Monday
Now I really gotta go need help in math

Have a good weeekend