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2015-10-17 04:33:22 (UTC)

10/15/15 Thursday

Did lash. Don't really like the result. Camd to ssf. 斗嘴with 二姑over his mom doesn't give me eggs. Cousin came. Talked with his wife. They r facing a hard decision. They vooked. Dad came back with a lot of groceries. roger came back too. Ate. Gigi came to look at the house. Their flight was delayed by 2 hrs. They rented car and came after 10. Planned the trip. Home around 1. Got into an argument about the dog. He brought up my family living there. I got 冲动, 带着儿子下楼。he closed the door. 是不是男人啊。我又忘记我应该把他当客人演戏。不该苦了自己现在还苦了儿子。

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