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2015-10-13 12:22:04 (UTC)

10/12/15 Monday

Son's full month. His mom invited family to come for dinner. Cousins couldn't make it. Dad was stuck in traffic but finally made it. Wasn't happy he kept talking shit about aunties in front of his family but 忍住了in the beginning. Later after dad got here and we started eating, he rather stay at his family table and ignore my dad and kept on talking shit when other ppl was saying he was lucky to have my aunties, I couldn't hold it, yelled at him to shut up. 鸡爪cried so I took him upstairs. 越想越不爽。Dad came in. Started crying. Also asked cousin regarding the opened chocolate. He didn't do it. Probably 二姑。he came in, a little shocked i was crying. His mom camd up. everyone was waiting. I told him why and both went down stairs for pictures.

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