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2015-11-05 07:19:58 (UTC)

I don’t know what to do with my life

I don’t know what to do with my life…..

Can’t make up my mind my immediate approach to studying. Should I just study my mathematics and stay in my same job (and hope they can raise my salary) or look for a new job with my current skills? Should I study (brush up my skills) new programming languages to increase my chances of getting a new job in February? The issue with that is that I only have a few hours (overnight) to study. It will be a big ask to study for both my mathematics and new programming language. I have plans after my exams in May 2016 to take certification in Business Administration anyway as I want a career change from application development and support to business analysis and administration (this is much better in terms of job and opportunities). Also as I get older, development roles are more for younger employers.

I have also applied for a Project management senior role at a top sport betting firm. I have no idea what kind of salary they pay as it was not advertised. I hope I get called for an interview.

I have to move within the next 7 weeks – I can’t afford a place of my own right now so will stay at a friend’s flat paying jus the bills without rent (he usually rents it out). I can only stay there for max 3 months hence the need for my salary to increase in February. Then there are the debts. The normal ones credit cards and friends – the credit cards ones I have an arrangement which is fine – the friends one I feel very uncomfortable about so I need to go and redraw a long term plan of how I want to pay these off. Then the big one with the revenue. To be honest I have no idea how I am going to resolve this. I only pray that somehow they can accept my repayment terms which will be far below what they usually accept. It is a huge burden.