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2015-11-04 07:17:18 (UTC)

Issues I have

I have started my studying.
Reading up business knowledge and mathematics. Not motivated to read up on programming. I am seriously thinking of a career change and move into Business Administration but still within the financial market. If I am going to do that then it will happen over summer 2016 when I will take the certification examination.

My business ambition is not dead in the water yet. There is still a chance I might move to an emerging market to head a sport betting business there. Still up in the air.

In the meantime I need to resolve my immediate financial needs, tax debts, debts to friends – these are really a strain on me.

There is a small matter of me getting ready to leave my former matrimonial home. I believe I will move out within the next 7 weeks. The verdict is now 3 weeks away.

Looking forward to my 3 days away in Dubai (end of the month) for a friends birthday party. I am going with a friend so will be nice to relax and forget the rat race for 3 days.