Story of a Girl
2015-11-04 22:59:04 (UTC)

Twinklebutt is sick

Going to school sick is not very fun.

My dad bought me a packet of 3 pocket-sized tissues... I went through two of those little pocket bags in a single day. Lucky for me, I've got an extra bag but still, these bags will barely last me for tomorrow. I seriously thought this year would be the year that I wouldn't get sick during the fall/winter, but NAH. The universe hates me.

My morning started off with me waking up at exactly 3:04AM. I woke up, feeling completely energized, and I had no idea I was awake until I looked at my phone to check the time. What exactly I was doing at 3AM, I'll never know. I stood up to clear my nose and fix my blankets, and then I fell asleep. The whole thing made me feel like I was possessed. Waking up by myself out of nowhere, doing weird things without thinking about it, it was kinda creepy. But then again, I've been waking up at random times in the early morning. So I woke up again at my usual time and took a nice, warm shower. My dad was awake by the time I finished dressing, and since I was ahead of schedule, I ate breakfast ten minutes earlier than usual. He gave me a sandwich and some canola, which took me twenty minutes to drink because of how hot it was--forever thanking myself for eating early or I wouldn't have finished. My dad told me to grab a jacket because it was cold and slightly raining outside, but I didn't think it would be so bad. It was. It wasn't raining by the time I stepped outside, but it was COLD. At least in the mid 50s. By the time I got to school, it seemed like the sun was coming out.

Algebra was freaking long. What felt like 2 hours to me was actually just 30 minutes. I was also having a hard time concentrating on the lesson because my head was throbbing and my back hurt and I hated everything. The lesson was actually pretty hard and confusing, so I don't know how I'm supposed to do the homework or do any of tomorrow's work. And then APUSH was okay. I turned in the DBQ he assigned (it was bullshit but y'know, I still get my grade) and then he went on to announce that we were going to have a substitute tomorrow and that we were going to watch the Republican debates. "I already know the majority of you are going to be against a certain someone, but..." "DONALD FUCKING TRUMP." "Thank you for saying that because as a teacher, I'm not allowed to say that. But, he was asked about naming one of his weaknesses and he was the only person who actually answered the questions." I hate Trump. I'm not going to enjoy watching him for an hour. I read that Hillary is winning in the democratic party, and I HOPE she is. I don't care who wins the presidency, as long as it's not Trump or any of the other republicans. I literally just need this year and senior year. Once I have my diploma, the US will never hear from me again. I need just one more year. And not getting my diploma will destroy me if any republican wins.

God damn it.

I was still having a headache by the time I got to physics. Nikea wasn't there, and today was kind of an easy day. Our test is Friday, and my teacher won't be here tomorrow so we have tomorrow as a study day. Today was just going over one of the problems, but it wasn't too bad. Spanish was meh. We were grading our videos but a lot of the kids were talking and pissing off the teacher. And I'm seriously starting to dislike Niza. She got mad at me for having got mad at the group for not doing work. Seriously? I had every right to be upset! We had two weeks to do the project and I was the only one working on it while everyone else was busy on their phones. And even when they acknowledged that they weren't helping, they STILL didn't bother to help until the day before the project was due. She has no right to be upset with me, and now she's acting like I don't even exist. That's fake as hell. But ya know, I'm switching out once the new semester starts. I wasn't even supposed to be taking this spanish class, but the fucking school district decided that my spanish university class wasn't gaining anything from the translation/interpretation course... I learned more about the world in that single semester than I ever did in my entire education. BUT, Y'KNOW.

Lunch was okay, too. I was walking around with Mari and Taylor the entire time, so I didn't have to worry about a runny nose or anything. We ate lunch, and I tried pumpkin bread for the first time... WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN ALL MY LIFE? It's good. So, so good. Mari had to pee the last two minutes of lunch before the bell rang, and we were almost late to class. But, we all made it on time. I don't about Taylor, though. English was pretty cool. We started off class with taking a survey about sports the district offers, and then we went on to doing our freewriting. After that, the teacher seperated our class into two, large groups by our assigned seats: the red cards (hearts and diamonds) and the black cards (spades and clubs), I'm a four of hearts. Each side was going to do a presentation of the chosen subject; the red cards had the topic of Utilitarianism while the black cards had the topic of the Victorian Era. In our group, there would be one overall leader and four co-leaders. Each co-leader had a group, and in our groups, we'd all make some kind of skit to help present our topic to the class... It's actually a lot more confusing but this is what I understood. I was assigned co-leader with Sandra, Mari, Rachel, and some other person. Maya was actually trying to join my group but Mari's group didn't have enough people, so the leader had to move Maya out of my group and I really wanted her in mine. The leader asked me to kick someone out and I KNEW who I wanted to kick out but I didn't have the heart to say anything. So, our group jn general originally decided to do a newscast thing but then we all agreed on doing several skits, kinda like on SNL. My group, specifically, is doing a business skit. We haven't decided what kind of situation we're going to talk about, but it'll be something like a company owner forcing his female employees to sleep with him in order to get a promotion. Y'know, things like that. We have until Tuesday to present, and I'm bringing in a few props. I'm going to the dollar store and bringing in a red curtain and some poster boards.

Sixth period was okay. We were on the subject of immigration last week on Thursday, and we briefly went over Donald Trump's immigration plans if he becomes president. At the end of class, my teacher came over to grab some of the fruit snacks that I had on the desk & the kids called him a savage for grabbing some without asking. To me, it was no big deal because I bought the fruit snacks for a dollar, I could easily buy another with the two extra dollars in my pockets. Then, it hit me... I'm sick. I use tissues to clear my nose. I TOUCH those tissues. With my hands. My hands have many nasty germs on them. My hands have also touched the fruit snacks. And my teacher ate those fruit snacks. You don't share your food with a sick person. Everything else should be self explanatory. If my teacher calls in sick sometime this week or next week, I'll know why and how it happened. And then because he's sick, the school will call in a substitute. In a way, I kind of did his students a favor.

I was walking over to my usual spot when I saw my dad driving through the entrance. I guess he didn't see me because he didn't stop. Zach had to stay for some after school thing, so my dad just picked me up. We stopped at a nearby gas station, and then we went over to Gustavo's house. After that, we stopped at another house to pick something up but the lady was taking forever to arrive so we just left to go pick up the girls from school. By the time we were arriving at the school, the lady called to say she was home but my dad was already pissed so he just told her he'd drive by another time. We came home to eat tacos and my dad was waiting for the cable/internet guy to arrive. We had it scheduled 3-5PM and the guy had called us, saying he was on his way as he had just left another job. I took a nap during this time, and I didn't wake up until 5PM. I was home alone, and I was had a bad craving for a sandwich. With extra cheese. My dad arrived with the girls later and I asked if we had internet yet but Briana told me the guy came and left when no one answered, and when they called him, he was giving them attitude so my dad rescheduled for tomorrow. But still, everyone else seemed to be upset. Honestly, I didn't care. I just wanted to eat my sandwich. I went over to the kitchen to find out that we didn't have any more bread and that really upset me. Stephen arrived later with some chips and guac because he needed some kind of opinion on something. OH. He's also trying to bring back old nicknames. Today's nickname was Twinklebutt--long story I don't have time to write about. But anyway, he came in to my room and told me I looked dead. I definitely felt dead. I was coughing and sneezing and I felt gross. The chips he brought made me feel better, though. He had to leave and Briana then started to complain about not having any internet. She was trying to convince me to ask my dad for his phone's hotspot but I told her I'd do it if she bought me bread for my sandwich. After that, I found out MY phone had a hotspot so I turned that on and she bought the password off of me. She now owes me a bag and a box of fruit snacks.


I still want my bread, though.

And I still feel dead.

So a little later, my dad starts complaining because he accidentally deleted all of his contacts on his google account. I told him I could possibly help him regain them, and I'm fucking awesome because I actually did help. All I did was import his contacts from his SIM card. It was that easy. He now owes me $5. Five dollas. Cinco pesos. I'll be bathing in fruit snacks tomorrow for sure. Maybe I'll buy myself some bread with the five dollassssss. $$$$$

I'm awesome.

I did absolutely nothing but I'm awesome.

Everyone is awesome.


I'm still hungry and I really want my sandwich. I also want pizza and fruit snacks.

How about everyone gets me a box of fruit snacks for christmas? Yasssss.

I don't feel so dead anymore.

I hope it rains tomorrow like it did today. It also kind of snowed yesterday, but not on my part of the state. Rain snow sandwich fruit snacks = happy cheese

I think tomorrow in class, in physics, I'm just gonna watch space documentaries on youtube. I was watching this super cool documentary about blackholes back in June but I never got the chance to finish it. It'll also be great to use the school internet to my advantage until I have internet at home.