always wth love

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2015-11-03 13:10:53 (UTC)

confession/what i want

Got out class early today..Am bit naughty right now?
P.S. I want someone that i have spoken wth everyday since at just 19, the facts are true. Lately cant stop how reality hits my eyes into the sky
anyway my mind running and I cant stop until I see you in real time.
I would love to go more detail but cannot i owe that person my purpose
I am slipping into bad gurl once in awhile and am loving it.
Awkwarder took place about moments go, its strange i saw two ppl from our bible study it was odd, i feel everybody eyes are on me...So another presentation but an easy one, am kinda happy ^-^. Kisses

Am thinking less of you now its becoming easier now.
Should be more happier wthout breaking my sprint, I dont need you right now and that should be fair...
As real postcard it wouldve to be with you is that:
I want drink
I want coffee
I want you and some peach tea
alongside from the alcohol wth my favorite soda, that's all i really need to fix my anxiety...
Just thought another tattoo faking it symbol thou, just out loud thinkin now....
*New songs*
Ill show you Justin B.
Focus Ariana G.