always wth love

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2015-11-03 09:48:34 (UTC)

Faking it is hiding it part3...

Dear dairy, I woke up at 3am than went back to sleep once again than woke up again at 4:14 had bout 25 more mins before id gone to wake up for today.
But I have woke up late once again, this so normal now I cant break this pattern.
So around 7pm last night it started to rain and the wind took all my sorrows away...I cant believe its almost winter time again
Do you believe in love as what people has said million to billion.

More songs of Selena G.
Body Heat
Hands to Myself

I should go need major help wth math homework, still got make it through this months so I can graduate and here comes university in the next 4 years after that.
Speaking bout alot things not afraid any more is loosing myself. Shes right you need space from a friend.Im done hanging onto you we need space I hate it but its indeed to be healed.

Faking it just ended their season 2 finale last night,
bye now its late need to leave
small kisses on your lips
bi-curious is real, not just a phase sorry, not gonna hide who I am.
Thinking about getting a tattoo on my right arm under the wrist of an owl within a quote of my favorite book Looking for Alaska as graduate present to myself. I want be a lil bit buzzed so i wont feel the pain so much.
Really gotta go now, see you guys