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2015-11-02 22:10:09 (UTC)

Starting from ground zero

I face the greatest challenge of my life. How I perform will determine my destiny for the rest of my life.

I have lost my family and potentially my house (waiting for the court verdict in 4 weeks) but the reality is that within 4-8 weeks I will start living on my own and have the kids visit every other weekend.

I have enormous tax debt (back tax) due to the Revenue challenging the employer’s tax scheme since 2006. The revenue is very aggressive about this and if I am not careful it may bankrupt me. I have to be very smart about how I want to payoff these debts. Also, I need to come off this employment scheme as the revenue is challenging all these types of schemes and they have the power to issue a payment request while the challenge is ongoing. It is a nightmare.

I also need to sort out the individual loans I collected from friends. It makes me so unhappy owing friends’ money. I have gone through a hard time and my friends were there for me to borrow me money through that period. Unfortunately I don’t have enough money to pay them back as quickly as I would like but pay back I will.

My pay stinks. It is so unfair how much I get paid compared to my colleagues. I have raised this with my boss to no avail so I will have to look for another job for when my contract expires in February 2016. To get another job involves getting my self up-to-date and abreast with knowledge and technology. I will have to study hard. Study business knowledge and technical skills.

Then there is the matter of my MSC in Mathematics, I have been allowed to resit my exams this year as I was unable to sit for my exams last time (2013 due to my marital problems). I have to read regularly so the work does not pile up.

Long term I am also looking at going into Business Administration so I need to start looking at the Certification exams and planning for this (this may not be until end of 2016 beginning of 2017).

My Sport Betting business, that is frustrating, as it is not in my hands. It requires investors and partnership and this is taking too much time.

This week I plan to write to major bookmakers offering my services as a consultant (employee) – I will see what happens there.

There is no hiding away from the fact that I have a lot to do and cannot just coast. I have to really put the hard work in and make myself successful. It is like starting again. That is exactly what it is. I am rebuilding again from ground zero.