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2015-11-01 16:41:03 (UTC)

Finally the court process is over

Finally the court process is over. I had to defend myself against her barrister in court for 3 days. It was very tough but in life you have to stand up against obstacles put in front of you. One thing that has become very clear is that the biggest battle you face in life you face it alone. It is what is inside you that you use to fight. I am proud of myself. I am proud that I was able to prepare for the court case myself and defend myself. It was disappointing the way she lied in court but again I have no control over that and I have very low expectations of her anyway.
The verdict will be delivered by the county judge in 4 weeks. Most probably the verdict will favour her because she is the primary career of the children, you always expect that. The important thing is that I was able to go and represent myself and leave the rest to God who is the ultimate judge.
I now look forward. In the immediate future I look to stay in a temporary flat my friend owns where I pay only the bills and service charges but no rent (this should be for 3 months). After that I hope to get a permanent flat of my own that I can rent and my children can come and stay with me.
I also hope by February 2016 I get a new job that can help ease my financial burden. At the moment the numbers don’t add up and I have huge tax debts to arrange with the Revenue. I pray they agree to my terms of repayment but ultimately I need to get a better paid job.
My finances is a burden, it weighs me down. I need to get it all sorted out. The first step is to prepare myself to get a better paid job. I need to train myself and be abreast with the skills and knowledge required for my type of job. I am also looking long term to go in to Business Analysis Management (as I get older) I will start looking at that towards the end of 2016.
I really believe I have found the key to successful life. A lot of things are coming together in my head and I am getting more and more confident and believing in myself. In a million years I would never had thought I would be able to represent myself in court but I did it and I did it quite well and confidently. I can now move on to become very good at things I do. I always believed I could do that.
I also think a lot about my children. How the separation will affect them especially my 13 year old don. It is inevitably going to have an impact on their lives. I had a good chat with my son today telling him to do the right things, do his school work and he will be rewarded in life. I also told him I am there for him, he can use me, ask any questions and I will always provide for him.
I look forward with a bit of trepidation but I ma very hopeful and believe in myself.