always wth love

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2015-10-30 10:57:10 (UTC)

Humble, Firtation & Rivival

Good finally came yes itd made me hella happy.
So Finally GOT through to her, my brother moms finally got me now.
I basically id write letter explaining my bad grade.
She finally got me.
About an hour an half and 40 mins
I got a naughty taste of flirtation on over another account i WONT say it.
It felt good, its over guy i have spoke bout alot so much more
then i ususally do. Hes good guy and I got say that.
I would tell you more but however am busy....
Happy Halloween everybody
**songs have played!**
All Selena Gomez
Wish me luck bout our talk tonight, and I hope to see my crush as well from our high school.
See guys later