always wth love

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2015-10-29 12:38:16 (UTC)

same-sex,same name different person

The community college is huge campus.....
I was running late to class again but i didnt care why should I.
Every breathe i exhale and release into the air I feel sick shatter and losted for hours.
I saw a familiar face in my haze it was another gurl same name different appearance thou. I totally forget she was younger but didnt matter cause i smile and chatted a bit until we both had leave and go in oppposite directions once again.
I have a good meomory when comes to people that am into, is that bad to say out aloud.
i gave her a hug and man she was still beauitful and sexy
last time id saw her was 2012 but she was no different. Somehow i just wanted to kiss her once and leave but I havent done nothin to make go a bit futher. I honesty stuck in one spot again.
Just want love is that too much to ask for? But the timing is totally off right now! Why?it has to be that way at 21.