always wth love

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2015-10-29 09:46:08 (UTC)

dashing in dirt

I woke up late today again, tomorrow is friday am happy but not ready to speak to her again.
The morning was against after dawn took its shape.
The reasons why I dont speak to you
because one, you've hurt about billion times against many bad decisions that Ive done over sometime. I broken that am over it am on next thing Me but what you see is the same girl at 14. You lecture me like am nothing just someone to kill time with me, use my family and friends throw me around am so pathetic.

I feel words like paper but whatever i done to move nothing NEW to dissolved my hurt, the pain that took me away from my problems.
I have fought off this off but how to keep this at bay.Idk???My status hasnt gotten better just got worse.