always wth love

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2015-10-28 11:50:52 (UTC)

I dont belong to you ...

Wow I read her message on fb.
In communication class 103 my email access.....Well its always the same as always pray to God. Like really god is always the answer feels HARD to make sense of the matter. I honestly feel our FRIENDSHIPS will end without realizing its gonna be something? Different I face every time we're in her in the car. Huh? Like what the fucker is that gonna justify my feels are to her. Am not going deny who am because my attractiveness isn't gonna go away as HARD its has been...
You can't just say "pray" will fix it so easily.

What I have done the pasted two days ago, watching Finding Carter & Faking it! :)
Need to find something to other than watch tv am fuckin' boring ... I need a drink really bad we have booze in the house BUT I cannot get anyway the rules I have to live by right now.
Plans after school am gonna travel and visit people that made impacted in my life, I should give back to my friends.
Well this last post for today am still living in the moments...