always wth love

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2015-10-28 09:39:43 (UTC)

outta my hands...

A big smile was cross my face its shatter as glass now
even thou am sleeping pattern is so fucked up i was feeling really good bout myself. I wont give the detail am back into cycle of this forever feels that be will never be FIXEED.
We gonna speak bout it friday am worried loose myself once i see her am praying and hoping loose her 4ever.
Sory am hellla distacted right i feel like what the fuck where do i fuckin fit in right now! am questioning what do now but honestly the timing isnt good right now...
So contracate on school right, should be hella simple but honestly its hard. When your 21 and sadly enough cant tell people that who are yours fuckin feels going to hurt you. so am lost, am speaking my view if you Hate me more than I cant let you go am sorry.
Am assuming everybody that I know of then really, whether a guy or girl.

***Songs on repeated***
Keke Palmer - I Don't Belong To You
Selena Gomez Outta my hands

So today is a moment of time.
See you later