always wth love

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2015-10-26 09:02:22 (UTC)

I went out Friday

On friday night,
it lead many things but not anything fun to me, i guess i was upset still
with her....
I love surprising but I wasnt ready for it once again. My high school crush came back to my youth group by himself I was so close to him my emotions has shifted from awkward tense towards "teen love" even though Im no longer a child anymore. It felt something real? Or was just old feels i dont really know now??
Another surprise my gurl Sarah stopped by it was good to see her again its been while since lasted time.
I didnt come home until four mins pasted eleven at night, I was totally a basket case and i honestly dont like being question about why i wasnt home at 10:30pm I know the rules and am eligible to leave on time without a fuckin excuse but She was nowhere to be found at moment.I felt targeted again by that, she asking why I dont talk her it always begins and ends arguments.than she highly upset when id took a nap but her own son takes all the time it feels a "double standard". Ever since lat spring she has been repeating like fuckin record without realizing i finally understood what i have done towards her family,she thinks she knows me but really doesnt get it.

Adele -hello
Chris brown- Wait for You & Biggest Fan

P.S. Am the gurl is ready for love am going take it slow cause I dont want anymore drama in mylife anymore by spring I want my status to change again.