always wth love

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2015-10-23 09:31:21 (UTC)

big river came in got me

Yesterday was bunch of things, found out i got an D on Environmental Science 101 so i decide to email by old professor so i can take it in the summer.
Wish me luck!
I also found out that i might be getting another phone yes its iphone5. am hella grateful!
I was at that campus for 2 hours cause a big situation happen the bus i take, buzz kill! right? Then i got blasted within hours later after what i have done so much wrong in the pasted and of course in the pasted three months.
So tonite might or might not be going to youth group tonite who knows???
A pretty girl hella sexy but totally taken shes has yellowish green eyes that made go really happy. But, she also understood my situation cause just got out of it a month ago
I wont give you her name because shes my new friend am keeping that private.
Everybody is going be out tonite so am kinda grateful.
See you guys later.