Brooke the goat

can you not
2015-10-23 02:12:32 (UTC)

feeling the worst, acting like the best part 3

Rio de Janeiro, Thursday, October 23, 2015

We went to the movies on Friday the 16th of October. A problem: Remember that i always say that my Fridays are a disaster? Save it.

The day came and i was not the slightest desire to leave home but i dressed myself and went. When i arrived he was in the bookstore. I didn't want to look at him but still told that i had arrived. He arrived smiling and i was not at all happy. I felt i was deceiving him. Time passed, we bought the ticket and we were strolling through the mall. I distracts me and i began to show my favorite collection of CDs and movies for him.

We enter in the movie theater to watch the film. Was all normal, in all the trailles we scream "I'll watch this! and this too!" but in the middle of the film something happened.

I can close my eyes and remember everything exactly. He looked at me and said "Brooke". I was so in love with the movie i couldn't take my eyes off the movie screen. So i answered him "hum" but never taking my eyes of the film. he don't said what he wanted. So i looked around and said "You wanted to say something?" and he advanced on me. He tried to kiss me and i almost threw me on the floor. It was kind of a matrix scene. He couldn't kiss me.

He looked at me and said "what?" then i said "what? you'd say something" then he "was nothing. forget." I spent the whole movie cursing him mentally. I was angry that he tried to kiss me. After we left the mall we did not speak more. I stayed until October 20 without talking to him.

I feel like he's still mad at me because of what happened on Friday. Remember what i said earlier on Fridays? So, another Friday, another disaster.

- Brooke

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