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2015-10-22 09:08:47 (UTC)

4:30am at dawn

Helllo Dairy,
I woke up 4 mins before 4:30am surprising to be so unheard of really has a morning. You can say I was wake but not really there in an way. A bit of disagreements didnt set well among siblings and i didnt feel like going into a big agreement. i have tired keep my mouth shut for the most part. So in about 40 mins I will be speaking to my counselor I just i feel nervous whats going be the plan for the spring.
This morning checked email my online professor it was all fuckin bad like really bad so am praying i didnt go into a bigger hole that cant get out of. Today I have math class wish me luck?!
P.S. Am a mess inside if you cant tell, i hope feel up to tomorrow posted.