always wth love

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2015-10-21 09:28:34 (UTC)

What I beleive is mine

How in hell I go here?
yesterday it was totally tense all up until id go the campus thats now! Of that time at home turned on the tv to relax even though i havent felt the greatest, i had watched what i wanted and didnt fuckin care who saw what i was doing....
Faking it., Jane the Virgin ...
At 2:59pm my phone is on silence got two texted
from my gurl Rachele that havent spoken to in 3 weeks, most of me was happy but i couldnt respond back, I felt disappointed but i knew where I stand. It wasnt going risk anything else that could be destroy.
Today this morning at 1:00am I woke up i still dont know why though, it took while to go back to sleep,
woke up on time even then at 4:30am it felt so weird to be up again...
well thats all i got.about that issue.
I dont believe when people use I love you in an text now its another way to say am "sorry" when you are not!
Am not trusting you or am just not listening either way I hate that cannot be myself within own believes.