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2015-10-19 09:50:47 (UTC)

Am not faking it, what I feel

Where to begin this time around?
It began last weekend it started on Friday and lead through the weekend.... Friday afternoon she was pulling me to talk but i didnt want to talk about it??? She asking are you mad at me?? All wanted her to do is leave it be am not okay about it. So I had lied to her once again, matters that made it worst by neigbor wanted to come with us to bible study didnt wanted him to come at all.
she and me arent speaking right now is alright.I just wanted to have some fun for some hours and wouldnt have to think about what i have to truely have to face in reality....
Only good thing that had happen id saw two former classmates from my high school,it was awesome to have them their i hope they both come again...
Saturday was fine , had some more fun until id thrown up because my material cycle. It NEVER Happened!!!!
This the 9th week in am very nervous, I pray that i can do this
On Thursday am talking to my counselor I really looking for it.
My brother's mom think I need to talk someone but, I dont think its gonna help...She well done this once before she torn me apart; i might loose control once again, shes threats about it when shes HELL upset at me.
Thats always...