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me and my life
2015-10-18 16:27:13 (UTC)

Sundays r so short....

Sundays are like boon to me.
I am just dying for Sundays yaar
I hav time only on sundays
Today utu n vinu had birthday, We decided to give dem surprise by surprise visit. We got cake n surprised dem they were happy...
Utu has got enaged in Dec she is gonna get married with her 6 yrs long affair wala bf. so lucky he is vry mature, nice and good for her. Vinu recently got engaged not ring wala but fixed with a guy. he is cute, rich with verna car. and she also had gone out with him. both were flying in air. blessed dey are. m happy for them.
I am hoping mine wud b also good lol.... hopfully
OK. now the news is so like i am trying my hand in selling dresses, junks, bags wateva i cud. i have also opened fb page.
got connected with few wholsellers as well. i hope it will work fingers crossed. i ot dis idea from shubha my HOD. she does this work and says she easily earn 10-15k monthly. if i bcom successful in dis then samjho car agai next year. i hav to work lil hard to increase contacts. and side by side new job. try try try is the current situation of mine.
lets see ill keep u updatg abt it.
i am missing love in my life. actually it is imp yaar atleast in my age.
lets see how thgs workout i have left evrythg on god.
cya gnsdz
tom offc :(