always wth love

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2015-10-16 10:06:24 (UTC)

I feel like a foolish gurl

College experience
I learned so much it beings here, one friend that I cant take thank enough I feel so sick after that Id sent him congrats messge. i feel so embarrassed i was so happy and now its all vanished finding the "real truth"....Where do I go ,now???Am looking at the optin of going to another college Or stay home, just leave all together. I just dont know?
Might be avoiding you today but isn't that am not on youre mind.
So i have not texting anyone that encounter including my pasted and the present.
I think haven't felt this lost in so long it pulls back into darkness that finally recovered from it had reappeared i want just accepted it now.
Forget thinking where am this plant....
Havent accepted this to be real it is?? Am going have to believe it.
She had texted me : Are you okay??
I have just loose in control quiet tears fallen from my eyes.