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me and my life
2015-10-11 16:20:19 (UTC)

drama of life


I am here to update abt evrythg ok.
Job... Job goin OK.. actually i have no lofe der but still its ok i am earning somthing n lil relaxed abt it.
I shared last time abt a guy from my offc. V he is so kiddo n chu he just gets angry on me unnecessarily and i alwas butter him but this time no no noooo... he mistook me n we r not talking with each other from 2 days pheww n i'm not even gonna butter him. I mean he is tp we talk lil healthy naughty but gaya bhad me. he seems vry mean person.
Anyways lv he is not that imp.
I'm slowly trying to move out from this job. i hope will get good one soon.

All same dad sucks at all..
mom as sweet as she was
sis at her home happy il worried abt job but all will b fine i knw. she has lil extra drama in life.

Today had invited shambhavi for lunch spent day with her.. was ok day
from tom onwards offc phewww
my sal is not enough for me yaar... :( i wanna earn n buy car...i hav to work hard n do smthing soon.

nothg much no boy in life and nothg happng as such for now...