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2015-09-28 02:09:34 (UTC)

9/27/15 Sunday

Asked dad to come have dinner because of moon festival. He came get them at go look at houses. We were ready to go marina after 5. They already back. We were gone for 2 hours. Came back. Everyone cooked something. Dad left at 10 something. All good until Fight over aunt giving the dog meat. I couldn't take anymore 他每次说的后悔好像他在适用期我。I called dad to come get me. It was really too much trouble to pack things up. Dad came. of course 劝我。我现在是继人篱下,为了儿子的未来,我只能赖着和一个不喜欢我的人在一起。他就是一个烂人。

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