2015-08-14 11:24:42 (UTC)

8/13/15 Thursday

Had to get up to net with queena. Dad came at 9. Let him in at 10. Left house at 11. Car wash. Rushed to pier 39. Ate at Boudin, should have just ate downstairs outside to save some money. Parking was $18 too. Or should have ate at one of the restaurant to get validation. Or I could have? well. Next yime, won't meet up with anyone there. Wanted to return shoes but tired. Called, already passed 30 days return. For $350, it's a steal I guess. Just wish the color was the pink like picture, not dark pink. Tired to go LV fof his gift. Came home. Dad cooked but didn't eat until 9. Millbrae. Soaked feet in the Jaccuzi. Shower. Fell asleep.