2015-07-24 01:47:38 (UTC)

7/23/15 Thursday

Woke up at 10 but was browsing on neiman website for sale. Wanted to buy the gold sandal, decided to order on laptop. Washed hair. The sandal was gone. Was a little upset. Was gonna go there see if i can get a mani, pedi but lagged until 1:30. Lash came out ok but I wasn't expecting much. Bought Livingsocial but she told me to get an refund. So decided to get brow wax nearby. It did look better than I do myself but is it worth the drive, time, and money, tips? Ulta, spent a long time like always. Tried on a OPI on my nails, didn't like later. Home meet up with him. Sf pick up his dad car after service. Costco. Argument in car for something. Korean supermarket. Safeway. I was already irritated by all the preparation. Dad called asking what to cook. I feel bad for yelling at him these days or always. Why can't I control myself like him. I really need to see a psychiatrist. He was telling me he was tired and I got annoyed, thinking it's ur own fault. Then he asked me what i was doing and was i on wevhat and if i cpuld calculae the receipts. I got offended, argument. Dad came out to cook. Ate. I was still 不爽。ate. But I could feel it's gonna explode anytime again. After dinner, I was sitting on couch feeling stressed out. Asked him how to calculate, he was explaining. I just said then u do it, he exploded like always. Saying I'm useless, burden, nothing bring to the table.