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me and my life
2015-10-06 18:05:02 (UTC)

till date update

My new craze is for car now i want car and all i am gonna do savg is to buy a car by end of next year. Ill do additional qork our change job n will go earng money and will buy car mu motto. Yes i can do it.
I want to say aby one guy from my offc he is vry rougj n tougj tupe not so good looking but vry manly n his voice too and i find him sexy... we talk a lot n share good rappo. I looovvvee chatg to him. We blow each other kissea n hug on chat. I like him cannot go further dan that. But i fantasies abt him.. all naughty thgs.. i shudnt but wats wrong i am young..

Last night was at boss place as hubby was out of station n she cannot stay alone. She is vry poor in hospitality. Vry poor host we talked and slept n next day offc dats it.
Work going good so far. But hav to find good one soon. To get more package. N buy car.
All fine wit sis n mom dad us same cranky n bulshit.
Financial status of mine is poorfor now i am falg short in savgs
Finding way to earn extra income if i could. May b soon. Next month plang for vacation mom sis n me. I hope it will b sucessful.

Rest evrythg is goin more cribing just trying to make.more happy ways .