always wth love

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2015-10-06 08:47:41 (UTC)

am friends wth sisters

dear dairy, yesterday i was broken into pieces but somehow am friends with sisters that help through my feels towards towards her. They had sense i was hurt and i didnt pull away from them this "time".
I felt like i could face with them right next to me without an second thought...So yesterday afternoon my brother mother sense i was stressing again and thought i was going back in my old ways thats not even in me anymore. I took away so much of my personality now so, am rebuilding it with new friends and old ones...
I just thought I should let you know, am fine that my depression hasn't took my soul away this time around.
I still havent be able to reach my childhood gurl but, shes doing good and thats all ive to say now.I gotta go have load crap on my mind.
9:02m where am I have an hr and 20 mins before my math class.