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2015-10-06 01:22:34 (UTC)

Back again

I'm so glad I started writing this diary because even though I'm shit at keeping up to date with it its so cool to look back at, I mean I started this 4 years ago and I'm now 20 and I know that's not a massive amount of time but a lot has changed for me and it's pretty nice/scary to read back.

Anyway, a life update as per usual.
I'm now in my second year of university and I'm still on the same course (yippee). I'm living with a funny bunch of people and I love it very much so far. It's Halloween soon and I've already decorated the front room! And I'm going to see fall out boy this Friday (I'm so excited I could cry).
On the whole things are good but winter is on its way and I know this means that I'm likely to get ill again. I've been dealing with this for a long time now and it never ceases to scare me when it's "time for me to be ill" again.

Roll with the punches and hope I don't top myself I suppose.

(I know you don't feel like people tell you enough but I'm here to tell you that I think you're really fucking cool and funny and I love you very much)

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