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2015-10-05 08:25:47 (UTC)

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dear dairy,
back on campus I missed it here soo much, my weekend what totally shot.
Dont want talk bout it. Really??....
Friday was fun until the end thts gotta say sorry dont want go into details , on how she hurt me so
Just back where I belong, just pray that i can pass my class thats online.
i dont know if i want go back college its way too much stress my head as been bothering me so much now days its effects my body.
All day yesterday Ive been thinkn my future more and more as being mother now, itd never goes way, its always there....Should I stay or Leave....I need someone to tell me what should I do?
My paper online is completed awhile back gotten A, one more to go then i pray havent fuckn up too much more now,
my prof. is givin extra credit 30points due friday i can deal wth thats due midnight do surprised
Big exam opens Wednesday and ends Sunday midnight.
Am tired arent you, well see you guys sometime later