A lady in the crowd
2015-10-05 12:20:35 (UTC)

Welcome to The 21st Century:

Where sex is free and love is costly.
Where loosing a phone is more painful than loosing a virginity.
Where bathrooms have become photo studios.
Where worshiping God is difficult.
Where buying an iPhone is greater than achieving a B tech, or B.S.C. degree.
Where lies are turned into realities.
Where ladies fear pregnancy more than HIV.
Where pizza delivery is faster than emergency response.
Where outlook of clothes decides the value of a person.
Where guys fear getting pregnant but love sex.
A World where love is a game. The one who plays wit with the mind get happiness; and who plays it with the heart always gets hurt.

~Yours Truly,

P.S A few pointers I like to keep in mind, yet there are two sides of this coin. Despite the chaos this wild generation had created, the beauty of this World continue to outshine negativity.