Story of a Girl
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2015-10-04 19:53:53 (UTC)

Boring Sunday

There's supposed to be a thunderstorm later in the afternoon and I'm excitedly waiting for it! It's currently 80°F and the weather page says "Thunderstorms in the area this afternoon through late tomorrow night" soooo I'm pretty content. It's nearly 8PM though... Fingers crossed that it actually rains a little tomorrow.

I was supposed to have a second video games & chill with Steph yesterday, but he got called to fill in for another worker. Buuuut, today was definitely our new attempt! I slept at nearly midnight yesterday, and I woke up three different times today. I first woke up at 1:12AM, only about an hour after falling asleep. Then, I woke up at 4:34AM and then finally at 6:58AM. I haven't slept since, though my body feels tired.

My dad cooked up one of his "inventions" and I did some quick cleaning while he got ready to go to work. Right after that, I opened up the windows to the house because it was really fresh outside and there was no need to have the AC running with the windows open. A little later, Stephen arrived with some frozen yogurt for us to snack on. Since I was basically watching him play on Friday, he was going to watch me play but he'd tell me what to do. "We" were playing Life is Strange again (for me, at least. This was his first time) and he was making me choose all the bad choices. Like, when Max drops the paint bucket on Victoria--he made me take a photo and that has a HUGE consequence in episode 4. Or, the part where Max & Clue sneak into Frank's RV and you have the option of throwing the bone into the parking lot or road; he wanted me to throw it onto the road and I was like, "NAH. SCREW YOU." Some time in the first episode, Guy stopped by to deliver the slice of cake he promised me. He was on delivery duty again so it was kind of a convenient stop. I gave him a water bottle and he went on his way, but not before he complained to me about having to work on 240 frames of storyboard... HA. I'm so glad I dropped out of animation. We did over 280 frames last year, but it was all in tiny sections at different points in the school year. We worked in groups, so we had the extra help. Since he's now in the advanced class, he's working on the 280 frames of storyboard by himself, and he has a due date... Like I said, I'm glad I dropped out. I dropped out because I thought I was moving schools, and I didn't, but at least now I'M not the one working on a project by myself. I'll help out Guy though, if he needs the assistance. The teacher will never know, aha. Soooo, after Guy left, I gave Stephen the controller in episode 3 so that he could try the game himself and he STILL made bad choices. I took control again in episode 4 and we got to the part where we confront Frank about his client list. He was telling me what to choose but I wanted at least ONE good choice, and the whole confrontation ended without anyone getting hurt. Go me!

He eventually had to leave for work, but today kind of made up for the whole Aly thing. SPEAKING OF ALY, she actually called him while he was here but he sent her to voicemail and then she kept sending text messages, so he turned his phone off. Wowy. I hope they can work things out--but who am I kidding? She called hin Steven and that's the number one way to piss him off. They're done for, aha. I really didn't even do anything to her? Like, I was annoyed that she wanted everything to herself, but I didn't go like "listen up bitch, I'm so tired of ur shit". I was like "...I GUESS."

So I just kinda spent the rest of my day catching on up missed youtube subscriptions. Some time around 5PM, I got a Facetime request from Elías. We talked about some things and he mentioned he was coming to visit for this upcoming weekend.



I'm really liking this whole 8 hour driving distance. I can just see him every other weekend than having to wait three to four months to see him. This news made my night. Oh, and his parents are expecting! WOW. The E twins are the only biological kids that his parents have had, and his other siblings are adopted. 17 years later and his mom gets pregnant... Fingers crossed that she's expecting twins again, haha. She can name them Elliot and Emily. HA. Or maybe Samantha and Samuel. Jacob and Jacie. Oh shit, they need to be Hispanic names. Maybe Rosa and Ricardo?

Ooh, I like the sound of Rosa and Ricardo.

But yeah, congrats to his parents. They're going to have more attractive kids... Their whole FAMILY is full of attractive people. Like, when his cousins came to visit. HOLY FUCK. They all looked so fucking hot. Oh my gosh. His family is full of people with perfect genes and that's not fair. Yet here he is, this gorgeous hunk of a man... dating me, a small potato. Like, not even the good potato. I'm the ugly potato chip that you find in a bag of Ruffles, the one that's all burnt and tastes weird. And El's this huge, perfect potato chip that's worth 100k on ebay.

We talked about his trip and I'm actually FUCKING excited. First off, homecoming is this upcoming week but I'm not buying tickets. The tickets are up to $20 now--NAH. I can stay at home and dance for free. Nikea told me she wasn't going to HC, but she was going to the Renaissance fair instead and she invited me to go. I'm not too entirely sure if I want to go, but I'm going to ask Elías if he wants to go. I've never been to the Renaissance fair, and neither has he, so I think this will be an interesting experience for the both of us. Not just that... but my dad's going to be gone the entire week because he'll be working. Ya know what that means? I can have this particular boy in my bedroom. On my bed. So much yes. I mean, now we can actually make out without having to worry about one of my parents or siblings walking in.

This upcoming weekend is going to be so much fun! I'm counting the days.

Our little Facetime ended and I went back to exploring the internet. I found some pretty cool stuff. First up: period subscription boxes. I found one by BonjourJolie, and I think I'll get this one myself! It's a subscription box that sends you feminine supplies and little goodies to help pamper girls during that time of the month. You can choose to receive pads, tampons, or a mixture of both and they also include candy, panty liners, and stuff like advil or tylenol if you really need it. I don't have the money right now, nor do I have the debit card to purchase a box with, but I'm definitely going to ask my dad today if I can get a subscription. It's only $21.75 a month, not bad, right? This will save me tons of awkward conversations with my dad and why I need to go to the store to pick up supplies. I'll have to ask him eventually since I'm now living with him, but I won't have to ask as frequently. That's the plan. I can keep the extra pads/tampons at my school locker, too, in case a fellow female student is in need. Or if mother nature decides to be an ass and show up two weeks early or two weeks late.

I have my debit card, but I don't want to use it because it's under my mom's name--she can see all my purchases and I don't want that. If I put any money in it, she'll probably transfer it to her account because she's a bitch like that. I'm thinking of asking my dad to get me a card under his name, but my dad BARELY knows how to use his. He thinks someone is going to steal all his information if he uses it. It could happen, but only if he's not careful.

OH. I also took a personality test online. I don't remember what the test was for, but my final result was the INFJ personality, "The Advocate." This isn't my first time taking this test. I've taken it at least 3 times in a 5-ish year period, and I've gotten this exact same result EVERY time. The difference between now and the other times is that I finally understand what the results mean. I'm not sure if being an INFJ is a good thing or not, but I'll believe that it is. I agree a lot with a lot of the traits, though there are some that I clash with. For the most part, I agree with the result. I'll probably forget about this test and take it again in another two years. But now, I finally have my result recorded so that in the next two years, if I decide to take the test again, I can refer back to this.

I think I've been going through another music phase? I've been listening to a lot of Trap & Chillstep. I know I said I used to hate it, but honestly... it's opened a whole new world. I don't remember the first trap song that I heard, but the very first one that I LIKED was Titans by Razihel & Aero Chord. That one was cool. In second place was Surface by Aero Chord, and I've recently been listening to Scumbag by Bro Safari. Oooooooh. It makes me wanna punch a wall. Briana asked me on Thursday, "What are you listening to? He's saying bad stuff..." and I was like, "I KNOW. I FEEL THE ADRENALINE RUSH." and then she said that I finally stopped listening to all the sad, "emo" metal/rock music. I've been listening to Metallica a lot more too, but they're not emo or anything. I really like One and No Leaf Clover. I really dig symphony with metal. It's one of those odd music mixtures group that works SO well. And I'm still listening to Rage Against the Machine... I just haven't found the time to download more of their music.

I haven't done my homework yet but I'm going to start working on it, I swear. Right after this. I'm in no rush to work on homework though, so I'm gonna take my time to do things before starting. I don't want to do this stupid secratic seminar thing. It's not until Wednesday, but still. I don't wanna do it. I have NO opinion on the history lesson whatsoever besides, "Colonists, y u dump all da tea in da harbor? U should've drank it."

I'm really hoping that it rains tomorrow. I'm excited for tomorrow because of the substitute teacher for my algebra class... I feel like it'll be a good day.