Story of a Girl
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2015-10-02 23:27:11 (UTC)

Video Games & Chill

I mean, I guess it was a kind of, not really, productive day?

Algebra was okay. We're working on some quadratic formula thing where x=-b with the square root of bsquared minus 4(a)(c) thing. I know how to do it because of algebra 1, but I absolutely hate finding the square root of anything. Square roots aren't my thing, okay? They make me cry on the inside. I didn't do the work in class, so I have to do it as homework. It's only like four problems though, no biggie. My teacher is being sent over to Sacramento with a few other teachers, so he'll be gone both Monday and Tuesday. My teacher says the lessons that the sub will be "teaching" will be super easy, so I hope I can concentrate enough to do the work. APUSH was okay, too. The desks were arranged in random groups, so I chose to sit in one of the few available seats. We didn't do much, except go over the Boston Tea Party and some of the acts that were passed to specifically punish Boston for their actions. While the teacher was talking, Guy thought it would be appropriate to ask: "This is a very serious question about the work."

Teacher: Okay, shoot.

Guy: What did you think of the ending for Sons of Anarchy? Because I know that everyone else hated it and so do I.

Teacher: *trying not to laugh with the "are you serious" face* Okay, we all should've seen it coming. The guy did SO much destruction.

So then before class ended, the teacher started asking us for names of certain people.

Teacher: Guys, think. This man is on the $100 bill... oh wait, you guys have never seen one.

So we were all like, "OOOOOOOOOOH SHIT, HE BAGGIN'. THAT AIN'T COOL, MISTER." So our teacher laughed and was like, "Nah guys, trust me... I'm a teacher, I've never seen one either! Take a look at my bank account!" Awe shit, aha. My APUSH teacher is fucking awesome. So, we're having our secratic seminar on Wednesday instead, which means I've got the weekend to finish up whatever questions I have left (only two). It's just two questions, but they're difficult! Physics was HORRIBLE. The teacher absolutely did not wait for us to finish writing down the notes. Once he was done talking, he would go onto the next slide while the students kept writing. I honestly didn't even get to finish my notes, so I resorted to my final act of desperation: writing without looking... and even THAT didn't work because I STILL didn't finish taking notes. I couldn't even read my own handwriting. Antonio had also asked our teacher if we could leave a few minutes early so that we could prepare ourselves for our 4th period performance. The teacher didn't even notice us leave, so we just kinda left without saying anything. America was actually waiting for us outside, but once we had all gathered, the bell had rung. We quickly started working on applying Antonio's chola makeup and I began working on blowing up his boob balloons. I took off my sneakers and put on my dad's crocs while Maria and America put on their bandanas. We still weren't ready, though. I also needed to pee REALLY badly because Antonio's makeup made him look ghetto as fuck and I was laughing at it. The teacher was like, "Are y'all done?" And Antonio was like, "NO MISTER, THIS GIRL NEEDS TO PEE."

Teacher: I need SOMEONE to come up and present!

Me: I reallyyyyy need to pee...

Antonio: If you pee yourself, you pee yourself. We needa perform!

So the teacher was like, "I'll just choose a random name... Antonio, up, now." NOT FAIR. The teacher let me go to the restroom and once I got back, we were all ready to perform... and our performance was bad. I mean, we could've done better. We were all nervous and didn't have our lines memorized. Our dream performance was to have everyone laughing, for us to have confidence, and our lines memorized. The only thing we were able to accomplish was getting a few laughs from the students. I messed up pretty bad, though. There was this part where I called Antonio's actual phone and hung up immediately... I accidentally ended up calling him again AND left a voicemail. And then I slipped up on my lines a bit. The class didn't notice, though, I don't think they did. Some girl recorded the entire thing on her phone and she told me, "The only person who didn't mess up was you. Everyone else was looking at their scripts but you had yours memorized. You NEVER paused or anything!" Ahahahahahhahahahaah... I wrote my lines on sticky notes, that I stuck to the pages of the book I was using as my bible. The goal was to have a full 5 minute script, which we accomplished: five minutes and twenty two seconds. Our first and only timed rehearsal was four minutes and thirty six seconds long, with twenty four seconds left. I say we did pretty good on extending our time. In total, we got a score of 100/100 with a note, "Amazing!" It's our final project with America, since she's moving to California next Wednesday, and we wanted to end our class with her with a bang. I'm pretty sure we did better than half the class.

Lunch was WOOOOOO. Taylor finally decided to join us since the first time in forever. On the way down the ramp, I met up with Guy, Zachary, and Jayson... Guy had a BIRTHDAY CAKE with him. It said, "Happy birthday, Randy." Who the fuck is Randy? So I asked him why he did it and he said, "...I got a birthday cake for myself so I could share it with my friends." He promised to save me a piece and deliver tomorrow during his delivery boy duties. So, the three of them were walking down the ramp with me, Mari, and Taylor, when I asked Jayson if I could drink some of his water. He smiled and handed me his water bottle. I stopped walking so I could do a waterfall and... it wasn't water.




JAYSON HAD FUCKING VODKA IN A WATER BOTTLE. So I ran down to the girls' restroom to spit it out (I stay dry. You're welcome, dad) and when I came back, Mari looked at me funny and then asked Jay for some. "Gimme some of that shit." She, like, CHUGGED it down and went "WOOOO, this shit's strong as hell." And then she took ANOTHER chug. So Jay was laughing at me and now my trust issues have gotten worse. Honestly, I don't even know what vodka tastes like but I know that it's clear like water. When it was in my mouth, it had a strong taste and water DOESN'T have any taste. Only if it's tap. I need to make a mental note to never ask Jayson for water again. Why does he even have vodka at school, a place for LEARNING?

The three of them left because they were late to class & didn't have our lunch, so then it was just us girls again. Mari began talking to us about Miguel, who kissed her twice yesterday during the library checkout thing. DAYUM, GURL. So we basically spent the entire lunch hour talking about him or me and Taylor following them from a distance because had Miguel approached her. Mari didn't want to tell him anything because she still has feelings for her ex, and he doesn't know it... tough situation. I told her she needed to move on if she's going to continue getting hurt, but she just doesn't listen! I know it's not easy to move on, but it'll be good for her in the long run. I say that she go for Miguel, since he's actually a nice guy, though, it's not wise of him to start dating upper classmen...

English was spent writing. We had our first AP writing diagnosis and I honestly had no idea what to write about. I mean, I understood the document but putting my thoughts into words was the hard part. I rushed the end of my paper once the teacher told us we had five minutes left... I hope I did decently. And finally, Student Aid was okay. The teacher brought in donuts but I didn't get any. I mean, they weren't for me, sooooo. The donuts didn't look at that tasty, either. Not like the ones I'm used to. They looked dry and dry doughnuts don't sound pleasant in 95° weather without any cold milk to wash it down with... I met up with Zach at our waiting place once the final bell had rung. There, one of the school janitors brought out this extended saw to cut off a branch from a tree. Two girls had gotten their birthday balloons stuck on the branches and asked for help. As soon as the guy had finished cutting the branches, my dad pulled up. In the car, my dad was lecturing me for not having cleaned up my food but I was already pissed off at him for having taken so long to pick us up. So, Zachary crossed the street to his place and I went inside to dress out of my school clothes and into my PJs.

Around 4PM after my dad left for work, Stephen came by to pick me up. He set up another "date" for us, but it was more of a "video games and chill" kind of thing to make up for our failed netflix & chill hangout. Except, this time, he invited his GIRLFRIEND to join us. I was actually pretty pumped because I've been itching to meet her! The way he described her made her sound like an angel and I was really hoping to confirm her angelic-ness.

I was so wrong about her.

Oh my god.

It started off with Stephen calling me to let me know he was outside. I was still in my PJs, so I invited him inside while I dressed into something more casual. I wanted to dress nicely to make a good impression on his girlfriend. Y'know, if he's going to be dating her, and if he's going to be hanging out with me... I'm going to be seeing her a lot, so I might as well make friends with her, right? I chose out some skinny jeans, a sleeveless turtleneck and my combat boots because it's boot season. Stephen was like, "you don't need to dress so nicely. Your sweats were fine." NAH. Girls judge on how you dress. I want her to think I'm nice and not lazy, even though I am. I packed my joggers though, if I was planning on staying late. I had already told my dad where I was going to be, so he had no problem with me staying out late as long as I answered his calls. So, we left my house and on the way to his place, he told me about the different games he had found in his closet that we could play together and I was pretty excited. I brought my own controllers, just in case. My Wii & PS3 controllers. When we arrived, I said bye to his mom who was leaving for work, I greeted his little sister, and then we went upstairs to his bedroom and got the games set up. His girlfriend was supposed to meet us at his house but she was taking a while to show up, and since Stephen and I are both impatient people, we decided to start playing without her. We were playing COD:AW and I was getting ready to smack him with a pillow because he cheated (he distracted me and in my book, that's cheating) when his girlfriend appeared at the door. She did that whole "AHEM" thing to grab our attention then she put on this really awkward smile and asked, "Am I interrupting anything?" She was obviously a little annoyed but it's not like we were doing anything bad.

I just want to point out that she's an inch shorter than Stephen... but compared to me, they're both gigantic. Rhetorical situation: Say, if I wanted to punch her face, I would have to jump a little to do so. But if she held anything over me, I definitely wouldn't be able to reach. I was hoping that I wouldn't have to look UP to her when speaking to her, but whatever.

Sooooo, Stephen introduced us to each other. Her name is Aly and WOW, she's gorgeous. She's got huge lips which I know Steph's a fan of, and she looks really fragile. Like, she's got this really thin body & her thighs stand out, but it suits and she just looks fragile somehow? I feel like I'd break her if I punched her. She sort of has wavy red-ish hair but you can tell that she dyed it because her roots are showing; either way, her hair looks great. Her physical appearance was absolutely amazing but her personality... not so much. At first, I was JUST about to hit Stephen with the pillow but the look on her face was more of a, "Why are you touching my boyfriend?" type of look. So, I guess that was a bad first impression? I guess I dressed nicely for nothing, but I wasn't going to give up on being nice yet. Stephen introduced me to her and he LITERALLY said, "She's got a boyfriend so don't get any ideas. She was hitting me because she was upset that I beat her at a game." YEAH. BECAUSE HE FUCKING CHEATED. So Aly's expression changed and she was being a little nicer to me after that. Nicer, as in, no more ugly looks. Though, she was upset that we had started playing without her... Maybe if she hadn't taken so long to arrive, we would've waited for her.

I've never played Skyrim before, though I've been wanting to since early 2012. For whatever reason, I really like TES V: Skyrim main theme, Dovahkiin. An old online friend of mine used to play the song during our skype calls, and I guess I eventually picked it up and learned the lyrics. So, Stephen was in his closet, digging out another game for us to play and he started doing the chanting at the very beginning of the song, RIGHT before the chorus. I was like, "no fucking way, is he seriously a Skyrim weeb?" So I started out with the "Dovahkiin, dovahkiin, naal ok zin los vahriin." And then HE turned around with a "wtf" face and we started singing the "Wah dein vokul, mahfaeraak ahst vaal" part together. And his girlfriend was like "???? Are you guys speaking Spanish??" the entire time.

Holy wow.

Stephen is a Skyrim weeb.


He was like, "Oh my god, Bianca, you're a geek." NO, I'VE NEVER PLAYED SKYRIM BEFORE. SWEAR. My online Skyrim weeb played the song so much that I memorized it! If anything, Steph is the geek. But maybe I AM the geek for having memorized the lyrics to a fake language.

This seriously just brought us together, though. I feel so much closer to him now. I never would've thought that Skyrim would be the key factor.

So, he was still looking for the games and he made a Skyrim joke. "I used to play Skyrim, but then I took an arrow to the knee..." NO. STOP. That joke was bad and he should feel ashamed. He eventually pulled out Silent Hill 2 and I was fangirling the entire time! I'm a HUGE Silent Hill fan. I've never played the games myself, but I used to watch Elías play it back in 2012. I mean, sometimes I would play it for a few minutes but I never played the full game by myself. So, he popped the disc into the PS2 and since it was a solo-game, Aly and I watched as he played it. The intro came on and Stephen and I were reciting the lines with the characters... "How do you know about that? Are you Maria?" "It doesn't matter who I am. I'm here for you, James. See? I'm real." I fucking love Laura's theme song. And I LOVE the intro to SH2. Seriously. Silent Hill was disturbing and a bit creepy, but Silent Hill 2 is just SAD. It's still disturbing like SH, but the atmosphere of SH2 makes me feel depressed. There are times when I genuinely felt scared, like at the beginning when walking through the fog, and the jumpscares, but the story for this game also explored romance and loneliness--it's sad. Even though it's a sad game, the voice acting makes me even less upset because it's super awkward... I think the voice acting is SUPPOSED to be awkward. I cringe a little.

At the very beginning of the game after the intro, Aly was like, "This game looks scary." Well, no shit. It's not much a horror game, though, in my opinion. It's a lot more depressing than scary. So, the first goal was to meet Mary by the lake at the park and James was running through the fog (the camera angles make me cringe). The screen is covered in fog and Aly was like, "This looks really scary... Can you play something else?" Stephen motioned for her to come closer, and then he sat her on his lap, kissed her, and grinned. "We're not switching games." HA.


Suck it.

We had the lights turned off, too, so I guess I understand why she'd be scared. We reached the part with the radio static and Aly kept asking, "What's making that sound? Oh my god, I'm going to cry." Then while roaming the streets, a Lying Figure was crawling around on the ground and she flipped the fuck out.



Trufax though, right?

And if you see health items, PICK. THEM. UP. Stephen passed by 3 different health drinks and I was freaking out because you only make that mistake once in games like SH. So then we were in a building and there was a gun in a shopping cart but the weird camera angles made it hard to pick up the gun. We made it to a scene where you first see Pyramid Head and that's when Aly flipped the fuck out. So Stephen was like, "Is this game actually scaring you?"


So he was like, "I guess we could play something different..." and then he apologized to me for having to change games and I was like, "it's cool, bro. I understand." Aly was being really annoying, though. She was complaining the entire time... and, she didn't seem very enthusiastic about playing video games. Maybe it was because I was there? She didn't have much of an interest in playing video games, which was the whole point of us three hanging out... to play video games. I wasn't going to make much of a scene, so I just let it go. Stephen brought out Mario Kart Wii for us to play, since it was friendly for all three of us. I was playing as Princess Peach, Stephen as Bowser, and Aly as Baby Peach... but then she was upset because SHE wanted to be Princess Peach. Stephen gave me that "please just do it" look and I was like, "Okay... no big deal." So Aly was playing as PP and I was playing as Yoshi because, y'know, Yoshi is cool. It wasn't all bad. I just wanted to be nice to the girl so that we didn't hate each other. We spent about half an hour playing and I kicked all their asses. I had 11 wins, Stephen had 9, and Aly had... none. She was having a hard time playing without the steering wheel, which I also had to give up later on in our challenge. NO BIG DEAL, THOUGH. And even WITH the steering wheel, she was having trouble with the control. Stephen had made a bet between us, first person to reach 20 points in the balloon pop would go down to heat up the pizza rolls... he was letting me win on purpose. For ONCE, he actually let me win without putting any effort. I went down to heat up the pizza rolls and he decided to be a good sport and accompany me, which Aly didn't take kindly to. I was complaining about the house being cold and he grabbed my arm to see how warm I was; I didn't understand how he wasn't cold, since he was shirtless and it was like 60 degrees inside his house. He was like "wow, you're ice cold. Okay, I'll go turn the heater on." But I guess his girlfriend must've not heard what he said because she was like, "WHAT ARE YOU DOING? WHY ARE YOU TOUCHING HER? I'VE BEEN WAITING FOR YOU UPSTAIRS."


Calm yo matatas.


I was like, "He was touching my arm to see how cold I was. He wasn't doing anything." and she was like, "RIGHT, OKAY. OK, WELL, STEVEN COME UPSTAIRS NOW." Oh my god. She called him STEVEN. I swear, I saw his eye twitch... Number one thing: that's not how his name is pronounced and seeing as she's his girlfriend, I would assume she would know how to pronounce his name correctly. So he went upstairs and I checked up on a text message from El, asking if everything was going great. I got caught up talking with him, but our conversation ended with a bad joke. He was talking about having a tight schedule and a friend who came 3 hours early to class. I texted back:

Me: wow
Me: he came so early

El: That's what she said...
El: I'll dismiss myself now
El: have fun 😛

His jokes are something else... Sooooo, I went upstairs to change into my joggers because I felt a little uncomfortable in my skinny jeans. I was about to step into the bedroom when I saw them making out on the bed. I kind of threw up a little in my mouth. It was gross--the vomit AND watching them. I went back downstairs to get the pizza rolls and then went back upstairs. I didn't want to **interrupt** so I was hoping they would smell the food and look up--I know I do whenever food is around. Stephen looked up and kinda pushed Aly off of him so he could grab a handful of the rolls and shove them in his mouth. I grabbed my backpack and went over to change in the bathroom. When I came back, Aly was sitting on the bed beside Steph, who was setting up another game. He gave me a weird look when I walked in because my turtleneck didn't go well with my joggers, so he threw me one of his sweaters to wear instead. I was like "no dude, it's okay. I'll be fine" but he insisted I wear the sweater because the turtleneck bothered him so much... I put on the sweater and I shouldn't have done that because ALY was like, "oh yeah, it is kinda cold."

And you know what he said? "You can go turn on the heater if you're cold. It's downstairs."




That's so messed up but it's so, so funny.

I haven't said anything mean to her and she's already trying to compete with me. For what? I'm not trying to steal her man or anything! I've got a dude of my own--what's hers is hers. Like, I'm annoyed that she's being such a brat about things but, I'm genuinely trying to be nice to her and she thinks I'm trying to steal her boyfriend. No, I'm trying to PLAY VIDEO GAMES with her boyfriend. That's kind of the reason why I was there in the first place. Soooo, she just cuddled up against him and when he wasn't looking, she gave me a dirty look. I don't even know how to describe it--it was just dirty. I'm like, "OKAY THEN." I wanted to make a good impression but I didn't and now she thinks I'm after her guy. Okaaaay.

I spent a good amount of time lying down on his bed, watching them play. I WAS going to play with them but Aly wanted to play too and I was like, fuck it, let the girl play with her guy. Stephen pulled out MO3 SPECIFICALLY for me, but then Aly decided that she wanted to play. I was just trying to be a nice person, so I let her take my place. Again. I was on my phone, so I wasn't paying much attention, but I think she called him Steven again because all I heard was him telling her to leave. She was putting up a fight, but he kept telling her to leave and then she stormed off. I was like, "dude why'd you tell her to leave?" and he said he was getting fed up with her. She was behaving like a brat the entire day, especially towards me, and he didn't like it. And then he was like, "I was going to break up with her, anyway. She's too clingy and annoying. She's also crazy jealous. I don't deal with those types."

I really hope I didn't, like, cause that. I feel like she was only acting like a brat because I was there and she didn't like me. I don't want it being MY fault for their split. So then he threw his arm around me and started playing with my hair... He seriously needs to get a girl. A SERIOUS relationship. His relationship with Aly was barely a month old. He says that he doesn't date because he's really impatient and overly jealous, but stiiiiiill.

So, he was downloading Need for Speed (Closed Beta. 18.7GB...ouch) when he dropped me off at my dad's house.

I'm just going to knock out. I'm SUPER tired and I'm just gonna sleep this whole Aly thing off. I'm tired.

Also, why is this site still so slow? It takes like 5 minutes to load a new page. I'm too impatient to wait, aha. I've got like 2 messages but I'm not replying yet because I don't have any patience to wait for the friggin' page to load.